Regardless of whether you are using a laptop, desktop or any other machine that requires an OS, there is always need for you to safeguard your files, data and other important information in your device. However, the fact that you take all the necessary steps to safeguard your data does not mean that you have kept them from ever getting lost. Sometimes you can lose data under unpredictable or uncontrollable circumstances. That is where Linux rescue tools come in. For a long time now, people have been using these tools to recover their data so we think it is wise sharing with you some of the most Linux tools used by geeks.

What are the 10 Linux Rescue Tools?

Regardless of the type of operating system that you are using, the following Linux rescue tools will always have your back:

  1. 1. Knoppix

If you have a computer that has a virus, Knoppix will help you recover all your data and prevent further corruption of your system. Previous users say that Knoppix is user friendly and has a strong GUI that helps it to perform its functions effectively.

  1. 2. Linux Rescue Mode

While you can download most of the other rescue tools from the internet, Linux Rescue mode allows you to rescue your lost data from a Linux boot CD. With this, you can recover data, root passwords and reinstall the boot loader amongst others.

  1. 3. Safecopy

This rescue tool allows you to recover files or data from a hard disk that has I/O errors. With it, you can also get data from CDs when in raw mode. In addition to that, you can conduct activities such as simulation of bad media, resetting the device and benchmarking.

  1. 4. Ddrescue

Just like Safecopy, this tool allows you to copy data from an infected device to another. This includes devices with read errors and viruses. For better working, you must connect any of your troubled hard disk to a working Linux machine.

  1. 5. F-Secure Rescue CD

The Linux rescue tool allows you to check whether your installed applications have are in good conditions. It also fixes any type of malware and has the ability to recover data and repair any kind of hard drive.

  1. 6. Ubuntu Rescue Remix

This is one of the best recovery tools. It has one of the best recovery features and repair services. It also keeps your system free from viruses and any form of malware.

  1. 7. SystemRescueCD

This tool provides you with the live feature. With it, you can handle various tasks such as partition manipulation, recovery of files and formatting of hard disks.

  1. 8. GParted Live

This also has the live feature and allows you to partition your hard drives effectively. In addition to that, you can delete, create or resize any of your partitions. It is also very portable.

  1. 9. Avira Antivir

You can depend on this antivirus to protect your system from any kind of malware and virus. Once installed (which can be quite hectic), it will offer you services that most recovery tools will not.

  1. 10. Trinity Rescue Kit

Even though some users complain that this tool is developing slowly, it works perfectly to aid you in different tasks. For instance, it works well to reboot your system, protect it from virus and works well with other applications such as bit defender and clamav.

Generally, the above applications helps you recover your lost data, keep you safe from malware and virus and helps you to partition your hard drive with utmost ease.